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Our corporate film invites you behind the scenes at Plus Pack to learn more about our history and to learn about our passion for food packaging. The film focuses on our five core competences: Innovation, Design, People, Quality and Sustainability.

Did you know…

that aluminium is the only material suitable for BBQ?

Today, barbecuing is not only a spring and summer tradition but is practiced throughout the whole year. From meat to vegetables and even desserts, everything is prepared on the grill. Aluminium containers are the ideal food packaging to cater to this trend. In fact, aluminium is the only food packaging material suitable for cooking on the grill. With a good thermal conductivity, aluminium containers can endure up to 350°C while ensuring equal distribution of heat. This gives you the opportunity to make ready-to-cook meals for the barbecue even more convenient for the consumers.

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Did you know…

that aluminium can go into the microwave oven?

It is a popular myth that aluminium is not compatible with the microwave oven. But in reality, aluminium containers can be used for microwave cooking, when these few guidelines are followed:

  • Remove the lid
  • Make sure that the meal covers most of the floor of the tray
  • Make sure the container does not touch the walls of the microwave oven
  • Use only one container at a time

Try to warm up your takeaway in the microwave – it is fast and convenient and complements your busy lifestyle.

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