COVID-19 / Corona - Update regarding operations at Plus Pack

Last edited: 05.05.2020

Food packaging is critical to ensure safe and hygienic protection and transport of food. This has become clearer than ever during these challenging times of corona (COVID-19).

The EU Commission and country governments have recognized that production of food, food packaging and raw materials for food packaging are considered essential industries and should continue to operate as normal despite the situation. We are in close dialogue with customers, suppliers and authorities to continuously ensure an efficient transport and production of food and food packaging.

The restrictions in many countries on social eating require new packaging and service offerings in the food sector. This drives a growing need for single portion food packaging for takeaway, lunch delivery, food service and e-commerce of food and meals.

We are ready with inspiration, trends, Packaging School training or specific product proposals to find the perfect packaging solution, which is both fit for purpose and fit for future in terms of sustainability.

Please contact your local Plus Pack representative if you have questions or concerns or want to meet up.

Changing consumer behaviour

Consumer purchasing habits are changing worldwide as a consequence of COVID-19. This is very visible in the food industry with online grocery shopping growing as a comfortable and safe alternative to going to a physical store.

Next to online grocery shopping, food for takeaway and home delivery has become the new normal as restaurants are not yet allowed to have guests eating at their location.

Also, single portions  become more relevant, because portion-packed food makes consumers feel safe, as it guarantees hygiene.

Are you wondering how to adjust your business to these changing behaviors?

We are ready with inspiration, trends, Packaging School training or specific product proposals to find the perfect packaging solution, which is both fit for purpose and fit for future in terms of sustainability.


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Aluminium - the champion in a circular economy

Aluminium is the champion in a circular economy. It is 100% recyclable and can be recycled forever. Watch our latest movie explaining how to sort aluminium at home so it gets recycled again and again. 

"Aluminium recycles forever"

Aluminium is a circular material which is 100% recyclable. We want to help consumers understand this in order for them to start sorting aluminium.

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Your business too.

We’re dedicated to designing sustainable and customized food packaging solutions. And to making our customers stand out in the marketplace.

Our vision:

The preferred partner of customized and sustainable packaging solutions, delivering 100% recyclable products with zero CO2 emissions.

Differentiation and innovation is critical for success in the market place for food. This is why we are fully focused on making our customers’ products stand out. Using our vast packaging experience and flexible operations, we customize sustainable packaging solutions to meet our customers’ unique needs. Combined with a high level of services and support, this is our winning formula to how “We Make Food Stand Out”.


Value Propositions








With innovative
solutions and superior







By designing
packaging that is
fit for purpose.








Based on dedication
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For the benefit of
to come.


Supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals

We support the UN Sustainability Goals with a particular focus on goal no. 12: “Responsible Consumption and Production”. By addressing four specific global challenges related to the way we design and manufacture our products, we continually find new ways to ‘do more and better with less’ – thus protecting the world’s resources. These four global challenges are described in the following four targets of Sustainable Development Goal no. 12.

  • Target 12.2: We minimize footprint
  • Target 12.3: We fight food waste
  • Target 12.5: We think circular
  • Target 12.8: We engage & inspire


Read more about sustainability and our work with the Global Goals here.