"I am designed to be recycled"

The new Bistro Cold range is designed based on the Design Manual 

Plastic food packaging cannot be avoided. Packaging protects the food, extends the shelf life and minimizes food waste. When developing future packaging it is therefore vital that we help ensure greater recycling and less waste. Therefore, the Danish Plastics Federation has developed a Design Manual to be used by food packaging designers.


Our rPET trays fulfill the following Design Manual criteria:

  • Main component (i.e. tray) is in mono-material: PET, PE, PP shall tolerate washing to a suitable degree
  • Sub-components (i.e. lid) are in the same material as the container or completely separated from the container in use
  • The packaging can easily be entirely emptied of residues after normal use. Only needs light rinse with water

rPET – the recyclable choice

The clear Bistro Cold tray in rPET

Consumers awareness for sustainability is increasing. Sustainable food packaging means food packaging that is recyclable and thereby supports a circular economy. There is an increased demand for sustainable food packaging. 72% of UK consumers would be interested in buying products made with recycled plastic (Source: Mintel 2018). As an answer to this trend, the new Bistro tray is produced in rPET – designed for recycling.

PET is the most commonly used plastic in the world. The plastic material is primarily used for food packaging that requires clear quality, e.g. fresh salads, fruits, cold meats or snacks. When a consumer recycles a PET bottle, it becomes post-consumer PET. Once PET is recycled it may be called rPET or recycled PET.

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rPET Facts

  • Sustainable – contributes to a circular economy
  • Recycled PET – made from a mix of recycled PET bottles and production scrap
  • rPET is produced with a minimum of 75% recycled material
  • Sandwich construction: APET – rPET – APET
  • APET layer ensures food safety

Recycling saves resources

By 2030, more than half the plastic waste in the EU shall be recycled. All plastic packaging shall be designed for reuse or recycling in a cost-effective way. (Source: Design Manual)

Bistro family

The Bistro family is now available as ready-to-eat food packaging

We have expanded the popular, microwaveable Bistro Warm range with a clear version for ready-to-eat meals. Use the possibility to create a full menu in the same packaging design. A ready-to-heat meal that can be warmed up in the microwave oven plus a ready-to-eat salad side dish. The new Bistro Cold range gives an attractive presentation in the cool counter. The black version next to the clear version – same design – but different colour and different application opportunities.


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NEW: Bistro™ Cold

The clear version is produced from environmentally friendly recycled PET. rPET is produced with a minimum of 75% recycled material and can be recycled after usage.

The material is perfect for salads and other cold ready-to-eat meals.

Bistro™ Warm

The black version is produced from PP Chalk, a sustainable, mineral-based material which reduces CO2 emissions by more than 40% compared to standard PP.

The material is perfect for ready-to-heat meals.

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