Get inspired by our cases

Here, you can get inspiration from others. Read about what we have done for other companies in relation to new, customized food packaging or new, optimized production processes, among other things.

More fresh, ready-to-cook meal options

To improve their already well-assorted delicatessens and butcher’s departments, a Danish retailer decided to use the Ready2Cook® range for their ready-to-cook meals. A convenient solution that lets the consumer enjoy a delicious home-cooked meal made from fresh ingredients – with minimal time and effort.

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Fish producer leverages trends to catch greater market share

Combining health and convenience trends, a Norwegian fish producer is using the Ready2Cook® range for fresh, nutritious and healthy ready-to-cook meals. The dishes can be bought and put directly into the oven or on the grill.

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Complete on-the-go snack solution

In order to optimize on hygiene and food safety, Plus Pack uses innovative technology to offer complete on-the-go packaging for snacks. The SafeSnack™ concept means that a fork or “spork” is hygienically included in the bottom of the tray, sealed with a clear label.

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Turning shopper concerns into sales

“Happy Salmon” is a ready-to-cook concept sold by Norwegian company Lerøy, that includes a full fish CV, from roe to packaging, on the label. By entering the tracking code on their website, consumers can follow the life of the fish.

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