Consumers are confused – they are unsure how to handle packaging after use

The information available to consumers about the handling of food packaging waste is limited, and this counts for any type of material – from plastic over carton to aluminium. One thing is certain: consumers want to live sustainably   – and we need to help them overcome the confusion by providing them with more information.

The material's journey in a circular economy

Aluminium is just on loan

The Norwegian seafood company Lerøy launched a campaign in collaboration with Norsk Gjenvinning (Norwegian waste and recycling company) to address this problem. The aim was to inform consumers about the correct way to dispose of aluminium food packaging after use. Therefore, they added a folding sticker to their products packed in aluminium containers. The sticker explains to the consumer how aluminium should be handled and informs about the material’s journey in a circular economy.

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”In Lerøy, we care about the environment and sustainability. For these reasons, we have an overweight of fresh seafood packed in ready to use aluminium trays. As aluminium can be recycled to a higher degree than other materials, we see this as a positive step towards being more environmentally responsible. In order to convey this message to the consumers and increase the level of recycling, Lerøy has in cooperation with Norsk Gjenvinning done a project called “til låns” (“on loan”)

Pål Erik M. Michelsen, Brand & Marketing Director in Lerøy


Aluminium food packaging has the highest realized recycling rates in Europe. 69% of all aluminium food packaging is being recycled. In Norway, the rate is even higher – 92%.