Complete on-the-go snack solution

New, more hygienic packaging concept for snacks helps boost food producer’s sales by up to 30%.

With the European food industry more focused than ever on hygiene and food safety, Plus Pack is using innovative new technology to offer manufacturers a complete on-the-go packaging solution.

SafeSnack is Plus Pack’s approach to packaging for the fast-growing convenience and on-the-go foods market. This innovative concept uses state-of-the-art technology capable of placing a spoon, fork or “spork” in the bottom of the trays and sealing it with a clear label that the customer can overprint with its own product information.

A one-step total solution
By investing in this technology, we are able to offer a total solution with both spork and label”, says Camilla Haustrup Hermansen, Director of Business Development and Marketing.

The concept is already boosting sales for one of Plus Pack’s customers, a market leader of convenience products in central Europe. Here, the customer is using Plus Pack trays for a variety of products, including potato salad, raw carrots, muesli and mayonnaise-based salads.

Perfect for the convenience sector
Trays are packed with a spork in the bottom and sealed and labelled all in one process. The company, which exports to Germany, France, Austria, Benelux and the UK, reports that the products are selling well in the convenience sector, with sales increases of up to 30%.

An increasing number of customers is looking for more complete packaging solutions for food on-the-go, such as salads, yoghurts, fresh fruit, desserts, ice creams and snacks.

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