Innovative sushi chain depends on customized packaging design

Business is booming for Planet Sushi, a large chain of restaurants expanding in France, Spain, and the United States. Plus Pack is honoured to have worked alongside the company to create its customized sushi trays and lids.

Planet Sushi has revolutionized the world of sushi with a free home delivery service running alongside its eat-in and takeaway restaurants. Clearly, it needs packaging that is just as innovative as its business concept.

Optimal product presentation and stacking
Together with Planet Sushi, Plus Pack developed a range of sushi trays and lids in four sizes that promote the company’s corporate grey and pink colours. The lids, made from crystal clear PET, feature anti-fog treatment to enhance product presentation. The minimalistic, exclusive design underscores the high quality of Planet Sushi’s products. The restaurant chain created its own banderole around the packaging for even greater impact, convenience, safety, and hygiene, with instant identification and greater ease of recycling.

From a functional standpoint, the base of the trays has a grid with compartments to hold the sushi more securely and slightly elevate the food for greater visibility.

A Zen moment
Planet Sushi was initially attracted by Plus Pack’s Zen range, which the two companies teamed up on to tailor to Planet Sushi’s specific needs. A modular system, Zen optimizes product presentation with big windows that allow an excellent view of the product and enhanced stacking features.

Planet Sushi was established in Paris in 1998 and has more than 70 locations around the world. Its sushi is at the core of the business and live videos from the kitchens show customers images of their meals being prepared by expert chefs.

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