Meeting consumer demands with packaging design

Consider these trends:

  • Almost half of all adult eating occasions are now solitary
  • Consumer awareness of the issue of food waste is growing
  • Nearly half of consumers globally use snacks to replace a main meal

Plus Pack uncovers the changing needs of consumers by monitoring industry media, observing end users and retail settings around the world, and testing potential packaging solutions in real-life settings. We always strive to design solutions that are better than any competitor’s.

Adding value
With more than 100 years’ experience in food packaging, we help you add value to your product to increase potential turnover and profit for both you and your channel partner. Whether that’s by exploring new packaging designs or finding savings in your existing packaging solution or supply chain, we can work with you to meet your products’ full potential.

Here are some results we’ve achieved with customers:

  • New packaging we developed with a Belgian lasagne producer enabled the manufacturer to give consumers a stronger, more attractive and user-friendly solution that featured inner handles
  • By taking advantage of the discovery that consumers didn’t need as much olive oil along with their choice of tapas and developing an alternative, attractive packaging solution, we helped the producer save on both ingredient costs and packaging material