New markets and packaging design

Most food companies are interested in expanding their reach – but not all are able to do so. Especially if it requires significant new investments in tools or potentially risky ventures beyond their core products.

Entering a new market can be relatively simple if you can use your existing equipment and food setup, and only change the packaging. It can help you move from one food segment to another and optimize your capacity.

Convenience is king
Some of our customers are supplementing existing product lines by switching from plastic packaging to Ready2Cook® aluminium packaging in the same sizes – and adding limited ingredients to make the consumer’s cooking experience simpler and easier. Fresh convenience has great perceived value for today’s busy consumers.

Other customers are succeeding in new markets by:

  • Adjusting their packaging to offer on-the-go eating
  • Extending shelf life and quality through smarter packaging
  • Moving from frozen to fresh or chilled products

We do everything we can to make entering new markets convenient for you too.

Stronger together
Together we can explore how to make both the packaging and the contents more appealing. Of course you’re the experts on food. But through our international reach and vast network of business partners at both ends of the supply chain, we can inspire you.