New optimized Zen™ Selection Platter
helps European retailer reach clever
savings on their sustainability agenda

These days, many retailers and food industries look for packaging solutions that can help them reach their sustainability goals.

There are different ways to reach the goals – either at company level by reducing CO2 emissions or at product level by optimizing packaging solutions by shifting to recyclable materials.

Recyclable plastics leading to realization of sustainability goals

For one of Plus Pack’s European customers, the solution was to relaunch an existing product and move it from a duo-material to a recyclable and circular material. Concretely, the new tray is made of rPET – a material that fulfills all criteria in a circular economy: mono-material, clear material and contains 85% recycled content.

With this product optimization of our popular Zen™ Selection Platter, we helped the customer meet some of their sustainability goals and we make sure that the popular platter used for tapas, ham & cheese or nuts, can stay in the assortment.

Launch of new product sizes meets market needs

Due to the popularity of the Zen™ Selection Platter, Plus Pack launches two new and smaller sizes in the same range and in the same material. The smaller sizes are optimal for small tapas solutions and they come with 3, 5 or 7 compartments.

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Marianne Babiel Kjær, Group Product Manager at Plus Pack, states:

“By extending the Zen™ Selection Platter range and offering the whole range in clear rPET, we meet changing market needs and are able to offer the most optimal circular platter solutions to our customers.”


Henrik Jensen, Head Chef at Smag & Smil states:

“This tray (Zen Selection Platter ½ size) is a good alternative to the standard black trays as it adds a new expression to otherwise similar products. The size and division of the tray is perfect for one-portion tapas boxes, and the small compartments between the sections provide opportunities to determine how the elements should be arranged in the box.”

Significant EPR savings

Finally, and quite important to mention, this material’s optimization delivers EPR savings. An extended producer responsibility (EPR) policy is already launched in France, Sweden, Belgium, Netherlands, and Finland, while more European countries will introduce a recycling fee no later than 31/12-2024.

With this fee in place, the optimized Zen™ Selection Platter delivers a 70% reduction in recycling fee (tray+lid) compared to the product variant in PP Chalk variant. Depending on the market and the size of the recycling fee, this can turn into a considerable amount over time.


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