Optimising packaging performance with packaging design

There are many ways in which we can help to make your packaging better. Need a stronger package, for example? We can optimise the strength without automatically using more material, which increases cost. We can prevent dents during transport through clever design and construction, and even help you increase shelf life or reduce waste.

Your packaging solution should perform optimally along every step in the value chain, from how quickly it runs through the filling process and how well it transports and uses pallet space, to its profile on the shelf and how it enhances the consumer’s experience.

We have gathered technical and commercial insights since 1914. They have enabled us to deliver results like these:

  • A new tray design with an optimised lid and horizontal ribs enabled a Dutch producer to boost the strength of their packaging while reducing plastic use by 22%
  • The innovative barcode solution we jointly developed with a Greek food producer enabled them to respond faster to retail orders, decrease production complexity and eliminate filling errors

It’s about taking out complexity and adding flexibility. That’s why we also want to be right by your side, pilot testing or evaluating the fit of production tools in filling or sealing equipment, helping monitor production testing and first production, and making forecasts for future needs.