European meat company optimizes logistical handling and reduces costs and use of plastics with one optimized packaging solution!

At Plus Pack we work with one of the biggest meat producers in Europe, who produce and sell high quality meat products under different concepts.

And these concepts require the right packaging solutions.

When we contacted their purchaser and talked about optimizing a specific packaging solution to achieve supply chain benefits and costs, we quickly caught his interest with our expertise and knowledge within packaging solutions.

And so, we decided to join forces in the search for a better alternative to an existing packaging solution.

The process began with store checks at retailers, where we examined their product portfolio looking for opportunities to cut costs.

We found that their meatballs were unnecessarily overpacked. The company was fully aware of the overpacking issue and knew it was leading to extra cost, logistics and handling tasks to handle two packaging instead of one. But they had not been able to come up with a better solution.

The optimized packaging solution delivers logistic optimizations as well as cost savings

The customer was using two types of packaging for their meatballs. With our many years of experience and knowledge about packaging solutions, we generated ideas and made calculations to identify the absolute best packaging solution.

The result was meatballs packed directly in a sealable aluminium container. Aluminium is a mono-material and 100% recyclable, therefore one of the optimal solutions in terms of recyclability of materials. The move from 2 to 1 packaging, means that the customer now has 50% less pallets to transport and store, and it also means simplicity on the filling line. This leads to optimized logistics and thereby reduced costs.

This new approach reduces both purchasing costs and handling for the company, and furthermore, it saves 97% of packaging tax to move from plastic to aluminium.

A remarkable reduction of plastics: 37 tons yearly!

While handling and cost-saving was the major decision driver for our customer we also helped them reduce their plastics use remarkably with the new solution.

In fact, we achieved a reduction of an impressive 37 tons of plastics yearly.

The customer was looking to reduce costs which we achieved together with an innovative approach that not only led to remarkable business results but also to significant optimization in terms of packaging material.

In the end, the customer benefits from Plus Pack’s many years of experience and knowledge, and they now have a packaging solution that is better for their bottom line as well as the planet. And the benefits don’t stop here.

The new solution helps retailers meet their targets of reducing plastics. The new solutions look better on the supermarket shelf and the consumer has less packaging waste to get rid of.

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