Streamlining operations by optimizing packaging design

Packaging is just one piece of the bigger picture you are trying to optimize. We are equipped to help you find savings in other parts of your value chain as well, thanks to our extensive experience with food producers across the globe. If you involve us early on, we can also help you find opportunities for efficiencies.

If our existing solutions do not meet your needs, we can even explore a customized solution. This includes making drawings and prototypes of new packaging, while keeping in mind the other components of a streamlined operation.

In production
Whether it is determining the optimal stacking height of trays, de-nesting speed or choice of sealing equipment, or solving a complex production line challenge, we will find the solution. We know the processes, the machinery and the suppliers, and if we do not have the answers, we can put you in touch with someone who does.


Here are a few examples of how we have helped customers improve their processes:

  • We helped a Danish manufacturer optimize their production and logistics by working with them to improve forecasting and by moving parts of their safety stock next to their own production facilities
  • When a Greek manufacturer had to invest in new equipment, they turned to Plus Pack for advice. We helped simplify their production process and recommended a partner to implement the new technology

Best use of space
We will help you make sure your packaging uses pallet, warehouse and retail shelf space cost-effectively.