Booming ready-to-cook business relies on Ready2Cook® food packaging

Within only three years, Homemate has expanded its ready-to-cook concept from one Homemate store to eight busy locations. Exclusive-looking, functional packaging is contributing to the company’s success.

Even though more people have less time to cook, they want fresh, nutritious meals that taste like someone spent hours preparing them. It is a trend the Danish company Homemate is capitalising on – using Plus Pack’s Ready2Cook® solution that can go directly from the store and into the oven.

A combination of good ingredients, appetising presentation and simple preparation has proven the recipe for success for Homemate, which opened in late 2014 in Copenhagen.

A fresher, better alternative
Its founders, Andreas Taus Nielsen and Eric-Alan Rapp, wanted to create a better, fresher alternative to fast food and the takeaway market – a concept that has taken off quickly.

“Almost all takeaway food is cold when it arrives – whether you collect it yourself or have it delivered. So we thought that it would make more sense to come up with something which is just as easy for customers, yet completely fresh and hot when they serve it. The menus I put together consist of raw ingredients wherever possible. Of course, not all ingredients fare well 15-20 minutes from their raw state, so we give them a helping hand”, says Andreas Taus Nielsen.

A consistent quality look
“One of the reasons we have chosen the containers is because we want our products to consistently look the same. The packaging concept must be completely transparent, so you can see what is in the container. The dishes should look the same from one time to the next – and they should radiate quality”, Andreas Taus Nielsen says.

“It is also part of the concept that all dishes should, in principle, be prepared in the same way. We spent a lot of time researching the market, and when it came to the crunch, there were not all that many choices on the market that met our needs, and we are very pleased with the containers”, continues Andreas Taus Nielsen, who has become a self-taught packaging expert in next to no time.

“There are plastic products that can deal with the heat, but they become soft when you have to handle them afterwards, and they do not have the exclusive look that we desire. I think the black aluminium version, which we use, is clearly the nicest one on the market. It fits our brand perfectly and it also means a lot that the containers are workable within our kitchens”, he says.

Table-ready elegance
Most customers are clearly positive about the packaging – otherwise we would not use it. A lot of people tell us that the containers look good, and they are pleased that you can put them straight on the table for serving. If you have chef’s fingers, you can actually take them out of the oven with your bare hands, if you do not place them into the contents. After 30 seconds on the table, you will not burn yourself on the edge at any rate. This also makes the containers easy for customers to handle“, he adds.

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