Innovative food packaging meets consumers’ demands for transparency and convenience

When a complex debate about the potential health risks of eating salmon raised consumer concerns, two Norwegian companies joined forces to launch a brilliant concept: ready-to-cook salmon that features a full fish CV, from roe to packaging.

The concept, named “Glad Laks” (“Happy Salmon”), features a tracking code on the label. By entering the code on the Glad Laks website, the consumer can follow how the salmon were fed, their upbringing and a host of other details. The result? Consumers feel safe about putting the salmon in their shopping cart.

NorgesGruppen and supplier Sjømatshuset (now part of Lerøy Seafood Group) are behind the concept. The high-quality packaging, from Plus Pack’s aluminium Ready2Cook® solution, features unique sealing film printed with a small salmon – happy, of course.

Communication and branding key
Our message is that if you buy Glad Laks, then you can be completely comfortable with the container’s contents, and for this reason communication and branding play a significant role“, says Bjørnar Gjerde, Lerøy Sales Manager.

Glad Laks was launched in three product varieties: a French-inspired recipe called Provence Butter, Creole (with onions, tomatoes, cayenne pepper, garlic, jalapeño and paprika) and Natural.

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