Product innovation and packaging design

How often do you focus on your packaging as much as your ingredients when it is time to develop a new product or revitalise your existing product? We would like to challenge you to find new ways to stand out – while staying true to your brand.

Consider these results we have achieved with our customers:

  • Sales grew by 43% after we co-created an alternative spork placement solution with a Central European snack provider. Consumer convenience, hygiene and product impact also increased, while our customer’s manual handling material costs decreased
  • The innovative barcode solution we jointly developed with a Greek food producer enabled them to respond faster to retail orders, decrease production complexity and virtually eliminate filling errors

Two ears, two eyes, one mouth
We will start any project by listening to what you can tell us about your retailers’ demands, your consumers’ preferences and your ideas for the direction of your product. We would also like to visit your production, warehouse and logistics operations and share our thoughts on potential optimisation opportunities. Innovations are just as likely to come from these areas as from your product.


A wealth of ideas
That is why the sooner you get us involved, the better it is for your project. We can inspire you with the many different types of food and packaging solutions we encounter – and create – every day around the world. We can share trends and insights, make sketches, create prototypes, develop and test ideas based on Design Thinking principles, and optimise your requirements so you get the best, most cost-effective solution.

Trend & innovation workshops

We go to great lengths to stay on top of global and local consumer, food and packaging trends in order to use our expertise in developing innovative food packaging solutions. Our in-depth insight in the food industry enables us to anticipate changing consumer preferences and even set some trends. We offer innovative workshops on the main trends, share information from store checks and we challenge you on how to see your market.

Join us in our trendsetting ambitions – and book a workshop today in which we can brainstorm together new innovative ideas to build your business.

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Concept development

Concept development is one of the first steps in the new product development process. It is our ambition to support you in the early stages in order to ensure decision making on a solid ground.

Through our Design Thinking process we can support your process – from early brainstorming to design development and sample creation. We make sure that product lines are optimised for your products and production line. We also keep track of trends in the whole world that can inspire you. How about a breakfast line or a kids menu? These are just a couple of examples of the trends we see developing in different industries.

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Design development

With countless products facing consumers, packaging design is what makes one product stand out over another. Good design catches the eye of the consumer, but great design does a lot more than that. We can help you from the start to the end by analysing the market, trend spotting, analysing your production and logistics so that the design can be optimized with the right solution, and concept development.

Plus Pack’s Project Managers work with talented European packaging designers to stay abreast of market trends and developments. We create samples underway to help you visualise and test the new design.

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With the creation of samples, we can help you find the right solution for your product and production. We can for example run existing products in different materials to test their characteristics.

We are also able to 3D print designs in early stages of the new product development process in order to help the decision making process.

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