The summer and grill season is getting closer

This is a season where a lot people will prefer to cook or heat their meals on the grill.
Therefore, the need for packaging that can be used on the grill will grow during the spring season.

Aluminium is the only packaging material that can be used on the grill. At Plus Pack we have a wide range of aluminium containers in all kinds of shapes and sizes for you to choose from.


Aluminium is the perfect choice for the grill

Ready2Cook® containers are made from
aluminium – the champion in a circular economy because it recycles forever.

Aluminium is 100% recyclable without loss of properties. Did you know that in Europe 69% of all alumunium is being recycled?

You can easily grill meat, vegetables and desserts in aluminium containers and the Ready2Cook® containers can easily be moved from the grill to the dinner table thanks to convenient handles.

Fit for future

  • Mono-material
  • Aluminium is 100% recyclable without loss of property
  • Holds minimum 35% recycled content
  • By recycling rather than extracting new aluminium, you save 95% in energy
  • Supports a circular economy – 75% of all aluminium ever produced is still in use

Fit for purpose

  • Aluminium is convenient – can go directly in the oven, microwave oven and on the grill
  • Designed with handles for increased convenience
  • Heat-sealing possible for longer shelf life
  • 100% recyclable, clear PET lids available
  • Temperature range: -40°C – 350°C (200°C if lacquered)

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