Sustainable packaging for hotels, restaurants, cafés, and takeaway

How can you combine the need for single-use packaging with the growing demand for sustainable food packaging?

We know that our customers want both. We do also know that many mistakenly believe that they should avoid plastic packaging altogether.

Meanwhile, plastics are an ideal material for food packaging. Plastics protect the food from production to cold counter and dining table. Plastics are recyclable. And perhaps most importantly: plastics reduce food waste.

When is plastic packaging considered sustainable?

At Plus Pack, sustainability is inherently linked to a circular economy in which materials are kept in the loop. Packaging should be sorted and recycled instead of being disposed of after use. Therefore, we design and develop plastic packaging solutions based on three simple principles:

  • Mono-materials
  • Clear materials
  • Materials with recycled content

Our complete product portfolio complies with regulations related to packaging, including the European Union’s plastics strategy which requires that all packaging must be recyclable or reusable by 2030.

Click here to learn more about how we design and develop sustainable food packaging for all sectors within the food industry, including HORECA.

Do you find it difficult to find attractive and sustainable packaging solutions for your takeaway?

– We have made a catalogue outlining what to look for, when looking for sustainable alternatives to your existing food packaging.

Download the guide here

Outstanding design

Are you looking for food packaging that enhances your takeaway food?

The competition in your market is tough, and we want to make an impact on your performance in that competition. We know that eye-catching design can elevate your product as well as your sales numbers.

That is why we develop product families which stand out through:

  • Sleek and attractive design ideal for premium food
  • Solutions tailored to customer demands in the food industry
  • Various customization options: prints, embossing, and different colour options
  • Aluminium and various plastic types which protect the food and facilitate heating at home

Our design team is committed to making your food stand out on shelves and in cold counters. With attractive design and sustainable materials as well as well-thought out design which catches the consumer’s attention.

Contact us to learn how our packaging solutions can make your takeaway food stand out.

All the food packaging you need

How many product categories are you looking to serve to your customers?
And are you intending to offer takeaway, home delivery, or buffet?

As a food packaging manufacturer our ambition has always been for our customers to find all their packaging needs in one place. We offer more than 1000 packaging solutions to choose from.

In our product portfolio you will find packaging designed for any food type from cold and warm takeaway meals to salads, tapas, and sushi. You will also find:

  • Classic plastic packaging for cold servings
  • Aluminium packaging suitable for the kitchen as well as for buffets
  • Smaller aluminium packaging ideal for takeaway and home delivery, which makes it easier for consumers to heat ready meals directly in the container at home
  • Strong plastic types for ready-to-heat meals which can go directly into the microwave oven

Common to all our packaging solutions is that sustainability and recyclability constitutes an important part of the design thinking phase. This means your packaging is packed and ready for your journey towards a circular economy. When you choose Plus Pack, you can be sure that your food packaging complies with national and international laws and regulations within circularity.

Learn more about our food packaging solutions for takeaway and home delivery here.

Download our White paper here

Handy combo sets

Is your storage capacity limited and your packaging needs minor?

At Plus Pack, we offer you the opportunity to order packaging in combo sets. Our combo sets consist of an equal number of containers and lids which are sold under one item number.

Combo sets are available for plastic trays as well as aluminium containers:

  • Plastic trays for cold or warm takeaway
  • Aluminium containers for takeaway meals which should be kept warm during transport or for catering

We offer combo sets for two of our most popular product groups: Ready2Cook® and Bistro™
View the complete overview of our combo sets in our eCatalogue.

Book a Packaging School session to learn more

What is sustainable packaging? And how do you choose the right, sustainable packaging solution for your takeaway?

Sustainability has moved further up the global agenda in numerous fields, and the food industry is no exception. Unfortunately, we see and hear many, unsubstantiated and misleading claims about packaging materials.

Therefore, we would like to share our knowledge with you. We seek to do that in our Packaging School where you will be equipped to make the right, sustainable and circular choices:

  • You will be introduced to facts about materials and sustainability
  • You will become familiar with terminology within sustainability and circular economy
  • The session will be tailored specifically to your needs in the horeca sector

We make individual agreements with regards to the time and place for meeting. We prefer that you come to Odense to visit our Learning Lab and our production site. But we can also offer you an online session if you prefer so.

Book the Packaging School here.

Our promise

What is important for you when choosing a packaging partner?

We would like to invite you for a talk about this. But let us give you a short introduction here.

Our promise to you is that we share your ambitions: We aim to make your takeaway food stand out – always. We focus on developing packaging solutions that are easy to recycle, and we are ready to walk the extra mile to meet your demands.

For your business this means that:

  • We focus on the needs that are unique to your business – from production to handling, transport, functionality, and design
  • You get access to our 100+ years of expertise within food packaging – this is our foundation for developing innovative and sustainable solutions for your business
  • You receive your orders in time, every time – we know that reliability of delivery is vital for your business
  • We are here for you and your business whenever you need us – you can count on us even after delivery

In Plus Pack your will find a reliable business partner. “The drive to make a difference” has been our motto ever since Plus Pack was founded in 1914. Now, we cannot wait to make a difference for your business.

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