Food packaging solutions for a cost-effective production

A new packaging should meet your demands for specificity, space optimization, and sustainability – but how can it fit smoothly into your current production setup?

We know that it can be expensive to make changes in your production setup. That is why we are particularly specialized in this area.

You can choose among three solutions:

  • Standard packaging solutions that we can deliver to you with short lead-time
  • Customized packaging solutions developed from scratch by our design team
  • Standard packaging with minor changes which can offer you a shorter lead-time compared to a fully customized solution

Our designers are your designers

If you have a particular task or challenge, our design team can solve it for you. Our design team uses design thinking to develop new products and concepts. We assist you through the whole process until your new packaging is implemented into your production setup.

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Are you looking for a sustainable alternative to your current packaging solution?

– When choosing the right packaging, numerous factors are important to consider: Costs, material, design, logistics etc. We have made a guide outlining which factors to consider.

Download the guide here

Meet the demands for sustainable plastic packaging

How do you meet the market demands for sustainability when plastics are considered bad for the environment?

Reducing plastic packaging and moving to alternative materials has become top priority in the retail sector. This is due to consumers’ concern about the footprint plastic packaging leave on the world, among many other things.

Unfortunately, many falsely believe avoiding plastic packaging is the answer, although plastics are ideal material for food packaging. Plastics protect the food on its journey from production facility to retail stores and finally the kitchen tables. Plastics are recyclable. Last but not least: plastics prolong the shelf life of food, reducing food waste.

When is plastic packaging considered sustainable?

At Plus Pack, sustainability is inherently linked to a circular economy in which materials are kept in the loop. Packaging should be sorted and recycled instead of being disposed of after use. Therefore, we design plastic packaging solutions based on three simple principles:

  • Mono-materials
  • Clear materials
  • Materials with recycled content

We design and develop packaging solutions for the growing  sustainability packaging demands. Our product portfolio complies completely with regulations related to packaging, including the European Union’s plastics strategy where all packaging must be recyclable or reusable by 2030.

It is our ambition to keep you ahead of the curve, prepared for future demands from consumers and governments.

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Get on-site support for your product and product line

Do you want to ensure that your product line runs efficiently in line with your new product – and that it is correctly set up for your existing production flow?

We can help you with on-site support:

  • Ideal settings on machines to ensure efficiency
  • Suggestions for modification of trays and containers for a better production flow
  • Optimization of sealing and denesting tools
  • Education of your employees

Choose the right equipment

We have extensive experience with machines and denesters and can help you choose the right equipment for your production and your product. We work in close cooperation with well-known machine suppliers to ensure smooth production starts when installing new packaging equipment.

Get on-site adjustments of your equipment

If you want to ensure a good start for your new packaging, we can offer you on-site support. Our skilled technical expert can visit your company to help you adjust your product line to the new product.

Keep your employees updated

We know that shift work often results in different people handling the same machinery, adjusting settings differently. Therefore, we can educate your employees in order to get a smoother process.

Let us know if you are looking for assistance in your product line or for other packaging-related challenges. You can contact us here.

Are you looking to optimize you packaging solution without compromising on costs?

– When choosing the right packaging, numerous factors are important to consider: Costs, material, design, logistics etc. We have made a guide outlining which factors to consider.

Download the guide here

Facilitate space optimization on shelf

How can packaging secure significant shelf space for you in the supermarket?

With increasing competition in the field of refrigerated shelf, it is crucial that packaging helps supermarkets optimize their shelf space. That is why space optimization constitutes an important part of your food packaging.

Round packaging takes up more space on shelves compared to square packaging. It is important that your packaging is easy to display on-shelf, as this optimizes the supermarket’s work process. If you have a product without a track record, it is beneficial that packaging is cooperative when entering the shelf space competition.

Your ticket to retailers’ shelves

As a manufacturer, you depend on the retail sector. Therefore, we will always work in close partnership with our customers to create a complete packaging solution which facilitates the storing and selling of the final product.

You can also reach out to our experienced specialists when need be.

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Make logistics run efficiently

Do you want to reduce the transport costs of your products? Packaging design can help you achieve that.
We help you make savings on transport.

To create the right design of the packaging is important. All decisions taken impact the logistics and transport costs. One example is square shaped trays and containers that utilize space more efficiently, as they can be packed more tightly together in cartons compared to round packaging.

This means that:

  • You can transport more products in less space
  • You spend less fuel on transport
  • You achieve remarkable savings for your business over time, as these savings recur every time your products are transported from A to B.

At Plus Pack, we have decades of experience in optimizing packaging solutions. Our expertise can benefit your business. You can reach out to us anytime if you are looking for a calculation of your potential savings.

Learn more about streamlining logistics through optimized packaging design here.

Stand out with customized packaging

What makes the consumer choose your products when they become hungry?

The competition in your market is tough, and we want to make an impact on your performance in that competition. We know eye-catching design can elevate your product as well as your sales numbers – through customized prints, embossing, and colours.

Our design team will do everything it takes to make your food stand out on shelves and in cold counters. With elegance and sustainable materials as well as well-thought design which catches the consumer’s eye.

Contact us if you want to learn how our packaging solutions can make your food stand out.

Bringing great sales success to your business

Do you want to give your product the best chances of success?

Packaging is a significant parameter for achieving success. It can contribute to your business on many levels – from low costs in your production and transport to the important space on shelf. And finally, it can help you nudge the consumer to choose your product from the shelf.

You might already have a fully formed pitch. And if not, we are ready to brainstorm with you and share our experience and knowledge. If you like, we can guide you through the whole process through:

  • Trendspotting and market analysis
  • Respecting your needs with regards to production and logistics
  • Brainstorming with you
  • Design and prototyping
  • Developing tools for your idea
  • Production and delivery
  • Technical implementation at your site

As you can see, we will stay with you until the packaging is fully implemented into your production. Offering full support and ensuring the best possible start-up. You can also get assistance from our technical expert, who can visit your production site and offer you on-sight support with his extensive technical knowledge and experience.

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Book a packaging school session to learn more

What is sustainable packaging? And how do you choose the right, sustainable packaging solution for your products?

Sustainability is moving forward in numerous fields, and the food industry is no exception. Unfortunately, we see and hear many, unsubstantiated and misleading claims about packaging and materials.

Therefore, we would like to share our knowledge with you. We seek to do that in our Packaging School where you will be equipped to make the right, sustainable choice:

  • You will become familiar with terminology within sustainability and circular economy
  • You will be introduced to facts about materials and sustainability
  • The session will be tailored specifically to your needs

We make individual agreements with regards to the time and place for meeting. We prefer that you come to Odense to visit our Learning Lab and production site. But we can also offer you an online session if you would prefer.

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Test your sealing film and packaging

Do you want to apply sealing film to your packaging?

We know that film performance has a huge impact on your product and your business. That is why we offer a one-stop shop solution which makes it easier for you when choosing sealing film and testing.

Choose the right solution

We work with a variety of leading film manufacturers and can assist you in choosing the film which has the exact properties that will work best with your food, production process, and packaging solution.

Testing – at your location or at our HQs

We can either conduct testing at Plus Pack’s headquarters in Denmark, or have the machinery shipped with a technical manager to your location. Sample production usually takes place at Plus Pack, while testing shelf life is best performed in your own production environment.

On-site support

In addition, we offer on-site support when you start using a new film to help ensure a smooth production process. We can provide a portable machine to test skin pack, MAP, or top film-sealing solutions with your trays and containers.

Book a sealing test here.

Renew your business with short time to market

How do you succeed in a market where speed means everything?

The tough competition in the market means that differentiation and innovation has never been more important. There is a remarkable demand for increased flexibility and speed when we observe what companies are looking for in new packaging solutions.

Therefore, we have launched a digital product configurator. The product configurator enables us to capture your specific requirements and convert them into efficient solutions and personalized offers. In simple terms, it creates new speed to market for your business.

You can also make modifications to existing solutions. For instance, you can adjust dimensions, colours, and packing methods, or you can develop a 100% customized solution. In addition, we can work smarter by eliminating order errors and offering you a much faster quotation process.

You can learn more about our product configurator and contact us here.