Are you looking for clever ways to reduce costs?

More than ever, businesses are looking for savings that can mitigate the consequences of inflation, declining consumption, and rising energy prices.

When it comes to food packaging, there are several ways to optimize and reduce costs, for example by lightweighting the material, changing the shape or choosing a different material.

At Plus Pack, our experienced packaging experts work daily to optimize and improve packaging solutions. And they are all ready to share their best advice and help you find the low-hanging fruit in your business.

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Less material leads to reduced costs

Lightweighting food containers and lids is often the easiest and most effective way to take the top off cost of packaging. Thus, by switching to a downgauged packaging variant, you could achieve the following benefits:

  • reduced purchasing costs
  • reduced recycling fees (EPR)*
  • reduced plastics taxes*
  • reduced transportation costs
  • reduced CO2 emissions

Overall, Plus Pack’s continuous product development efforts to actively reduce our material consumption lead to potential savings for our customers. Plus, they contribute to the green transition in a longer perspective.

* In countries were this has been put into effect


New optimized food
packaging solution helps European distributor realize immediate savings

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How can you optimize your packaging assortment for the coming recycling fee?

All EU countries will have introduced Extended Producer Responsibility policies (EPR) with recycling fees by 2025 at the latest. And if you operate in France, Sweden, Belgium, the Netherlands, or Finland, EPR policies are already in place. Food manufacturers, delicatessens, and other businesses who fill food in packaging solutions, will therefore have the opportunity to minimize these costs through their choice of packaging.

With this in consideration, Plus Pack’s product developers have successfully optimized one of our popular Ready2Cook® containers with 10% less material. Also, they have designed new lids for many of our Ready2Cook® containers and all lids have 22% less plastics.

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