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28.07.2019 - Biodegradable plastic does not disappear

Is packaging made from biodegradable plastic environmentally friendly? Unfortunately, there is only one answer, and that is no.

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23.06.2019 - Take the Sustainable Development Goals seriously

It has almost been four years since the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were adopted as a global framework for sustainable development towards 2030. Nevertheless, it may seem like it has only been a few weeks since sustainability and climate have truly moved into focus in our common consciousness – at least in Denmark.

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24.05.2019 - And the winner is…Camilla Haustrup Hermansen

With great pleasure we are able to say that our Director of Business Development, Camilla Haustrup Hermansen, has won the Plastic Prize 2019. Camilla takes responsibility and she is an active participant in the plastics debate and in the discussion towards more sustainable production and consumption. This has now been rewarded with a prize by the Danish Plastics Federation.

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24.05.2019 - 3D printing for faster prototypes

New technologies give us new opportunities. We can now use 3D printed tool components to produce prototypes much faster than before, which gives us the possibility to test new designs within a few days instead of 12 weeks.

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19.05.2019 - Who is responsible for our waste?

Even a deep-sea diver, which has recently visited the bottom of the Mariana Trench 11 kilometres deep in the Pacific Ocean, reports finding plastic. Naturally we think: How can this happen? Someone has to take action, we say to each other. But what if that someone were you and me?

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15.05.2019 - WorldStar Award Ceremony in Prague

Our innovative Ready2Cook® Skin Packaging Solution won a WorldStar award back in December 2018.  This May, the awards ceremony took place. Plus Pack was represented by the Business Development and Marketing team.  

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06.05.2019 - Plastic courses are big success

The Danish Plastics Federation regularly provides plastic courses, and Plus Pack recently contributed to this education programme.

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01.05.2019 - Camilla Haustrup Hermansen nominated for award

This year, Camilla Haustrup Hermansen, Director of Business Development at Plus Pack, is nominated for the Plastics Prize (Plastprisen) for her work towards more sustainable plastic food packaging. The Plastics Prize is an award given by the Danish Plastics Federation every year since 1987. It is given to people, products, companies and institutions that have shown a leading performance in the Danish plastics industry.

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05.04.2019 – Setting the Scene: Towards a European Plastic Pact 2020

In April Plus Pack joined a high-level meeting in Brussels initiated by the Dutch State Secretary for Infrastructure and Water Management, Stientje van Veldhoven, and French Minister of State for Ecological and Inclusive Transition, Brune Poirson.

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03.04.2019 - Robot saves employees 12 kilometres per day

After a year’s testing, the GoPal robot from Robotize has proved to be the right answer to Plus Pack’s logistical needs. The robot has been assisting the production workers by undertaking the time-consuming task that is transportation of pallets, thereby increasing productiveness remarkably.

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12.03.2019 - Plus Pack supports major event of education on world hunger and food waste

La Tablée des Chefs is an association of chefs whose mission is to feed those in need and educate the new generations of chefs, making them aware of challenges like world hunger and food waste. Plus Pack supports the association and the event with food packaging.

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10.03.2019 - UN's Sustainable Development Goals

In 2015, all the state- and government leaders in the world came together to adopt the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations, which are to create the framework for sustainable development towards 2030. The goal is that we all make a difference and contribute to a more sustainable world. This particularly applies to companies, because they can help set the pace which is needed for the development to gain momentum. This requires more visionary leadership.

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04.03.2019 - Plus Pack supports charitable project

Det Kærlige Måltid is a non-profit organisation who lends people who are facing a difficult period in their lives a caring hand by delivering healthy meals right to their doorsteps. Plus Pack supports this charitable initiative with food packaging in order to enable secure deliveries.

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19.02.2019 - Successful testing of new robot arm from Universal Robots

Involving employees in the test phase helped Plus Pack get a better understanding of how to successfully integrate the new UR10 robot arm from Universal Robots in the production. The result was a working environment which offers better working conditions for the employees.

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21.01.2019 - The Danish Plastics Action Plan

New plastics action plan urges Danish companies and consumers to support a circular economy to minimise plastic being wasted in Denmark every year. The Danish Minister for Environment and Food visited Plus Pack today to have a look into our sustainability efforts regarding circular economy.

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11.12.2018 - Our innovative solution is a WorldStar!

We are proud to announce that we, as the only Scandinavian food packaging producer, have received a WorldStar 2019 Award for our innovative food packaging: Ready2Cook® Skin Packaging solution. Organised by the World Packaging Organisation, the WorldStar Awards is the most recognised packaging competition in the world.

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18.09.2018 - Rethink Plastic

Plastic packaging design from Plus Pack is being acknowledged as Best Practice in new Design Dogmas, which were launched in August to address the need for increased recyclability of plastic packaging for food.

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28.06.2018 - Vision 2030: From Philanthropy to Business with the SDGs

Plus Pack participates in an ambitious sustainability project that seeks new business opportunities in the SDGs. The project aims to unite sustainability and new business opportunities. Plus Pack is one out of 21 Danish companies participating in the project.

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21.06.2018 - New Design Manual is launched

Plus Pack contributes to an inventive design manual that helps to ensure a circular economy. Packaging is important to effectively protect contents, which is why it is crucial to develop packaging that supports a circular economy.

Plus Pack actively contributes to a manual that provides specific solutions for how to develop sustainable packaging in the future.

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21.06.2018 - Test of new e-Series of collaborative robots

Plus Pack has signed a partnership with Universal Robots to test and explore new possibilities on how to use Universal Robots’ new e-Series of collaborative robots in production.

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19.04.2018 - New Sustainability Project based on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

Plus Pack is actively participating in an ambitious project that promotes the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

An ambitious sustainability project, which was jump-started during the UN’s general assembly in September 2017. The purpose of the project is to unite sustainability and new business opportunities – benefitting people, planet and profit.

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10.04.2018 - New Ready2Cook® skin packaging solution wins Alufoil Trophy 2018

The new Ready2Cook® packaging solution improves distribution efficiency and food protection through usage of skin packaging technology. 

Plus Pack has received an award in the category of consumer convenience for the new Ready2Cook® skin packaging solution. Organized by the European Aluminium Foil Association, the competition is seen as the most influential competition in the aluminium packaging industry, and identifies the most original ideas and developments currently on the market.

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03.04.2018 - Automated Pallet Transport

Intelligent robot moves in. Plus Pack has been working with Robotize, an innovative Danish robotics company who aims to become the world’s leading supplier of mobile robot solutions to optimise internal transport through the use of a robot.

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25.01.2018 - Happy Birthday, Poul!

Poul Haustrup’s 100th Birthday. Poul Haustrup had a passion for innovative, quality packaging, and Plus Pack continues to build upon his vision to develop convenient packaging solutions that make food stand out. Today, we celebrate what would have been his 100th birthday.

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18.01.2018 - New European Plastic Strategy

Plus Pack participates in two packaging projects that will provide solutions to support the new European Strategy of Plastics in a Circular Economy.

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19.12.2017 - Innovative warehouse project

Plus Pack is working with students from Lillebaelt Academy to uncover the possibilities of using indoor drones for stock count of the goods in Plus Pack’s warehouse.

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06.12.2017 - Among the world's best!

Plus Pack has received a WorldStar award in the category of food packaging for the ZenTM Selection Platter. The WorldStar Competition is one of the major events of the World Packaging Organisation.

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01.11.2017 - Plus Pack collaborates with Design School Kolding

Plus Pack receives creative inputs from design students. Plus Pack works with students from Design School Kolding to investigate how Plus Pack might educate, inspire and motivate end users to recycle used food packaging.

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22.09.2017 - Plus Pack participates in packaging project

Three packaging projects have been granted DKK 1.5 million from the Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark to come up with new solutions that promote recycling of plastic in Danish households.

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18.09.2017 - Plus Pack on cover of "Magasinet Plast"

In August, we were visited by the Danish Magazine “Magasinet Plast”. This resulted in an article and a cover page.

“Magasinet Plast” is a Danish magazine with focus on the Danish plastics industry, close to the experts in production and administration. Every edition goes in-depth with a specific topic, for example design, bioplastics or 3D-print.

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17.08.2017 - Plus Pack wins two 2017 ScanStar Awards

Plus Pack has received two awards for this year’s best food packaging in the Nordic region. The 2017 ScanStar Awards is considered the industry’s most important competition.

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10.07.2017 - Plus Pack joins new forum

The Danish plastics industry brings together all relevant actors in the packaging industry – from NGOs to producers – in a newly established ‘Forum for Circular Plastic Packaging’. The purpose is to provide specific solutions for how to maintain a much larger part of the plastic packaging in the circular economy.

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25.05.2017 - "Herkku Misat"

Plus Pack is now showcased in department store Stockmann, Finland.

Stockmann, founded in 1862, is the largest department store in Scandinavia. Their selection consists of inspiring, quality products in all kinds of areas, from top fashion, cosmetics, Finnish design and souvenirs, to home products and groceries as well as cafés and restaurants.

After a workshop together with Plus Pack in February this year, Stockmann was convinced that Ready2Cook® is the right solution for them – to bring them forward and make their delicatessen stand out.

This month, Stockmann launched their new campaign “Herkku Misat”, freely translated into “delicatessen ready-made for you”. In this short stop motion video they showcase our Ready2Cook® range with their delicious food:

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23.05.2017 - "On Loan"

Norwegian front runner Lerøy launched a new food packaging campaign. We like it so much, that we decided to share it. It is a great and simple way to explain how aluminium is being recycled. Read it and be inspired.

To educate consumers, the campaign explains that aluminium is not owned by anyone, but is only on loan. Aluminium is 100% recyclable and is reused in various applications, for example in bikes, construction and cars.

The first step of the campaign is a little booklet that is attached to Lerøy’s ready meals, explaining where to throw out the container after use. Giving consumers the possibility to learn about packaging materials and making it easier to take responsibility is a big step towards a more sustainable future.

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17.05.2017 - Working environment

Plus Pack continues to earn the green smiley. Arbejdstilsynet, the Danish Working Environment Authority, has awarded Plus Pack the green smiley, proving that Plus Pack follows all worker environment regulations.

Read more about the green smiley and the Danish Working Environment Authority here: Arbejdstilsynet Denmark

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09.05.2017 - "You can save lives"

Every year, 3,500 people suffer out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA) in Denmark. Since 2001, Denmark has succeeded in raising bystander CPR from 19% to 64%. In the same period, survival rates have gone up from 4% to 12%.

In May 2017, Plus Pack became a certified heart-secure company and installed a bystander defibrillator outside the facilities in Odense, Denmark. Because the defibrillator is placed outside the building, 24/7 access is possible.


You can save lives.

15.03.2017 - Input from real users

Plus Pack involves end users in developing new packaging design. First-hand input from key target groups on the development of its latest product ensures Plus Pack’s solution truly meets users’ needs. The idea for the new ZenTM Selection Platter came from Plus Pack’s observations of a trend across Europe that involved “social eating”.

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26.01.2017 - Food waste and packaging

Research shows we should be using more food packaging – for the sake of the environment. New figures from the Technical University of Denmark show that packaging represents less than 1% of the overall environmental impact of food.

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