3D printing to streamline prototype process

This year, we have invested in new technologies in order to enable new processes. We saw great opportunities in the use of 3D technology to enable faster prototype production. With the help of AM Hub (“Danish Additive Manufacturing Hub”) we have implemented the new 3D technology in our production and have started testing the possibilities.

Bastian Fietje, Manager of Group Projects at Plus Pack, explains the motives for using 3D print: “We want to make customized packaging solutions, which requires a close dialogue with the customer. We can only obtain that if we bring them a realistic prototype rather than a two-dimensional sketch. These realistic prototypes we can now offer faster than before.”

Before we introduced this technology, new tool components were made from steel. This process was both expensive and time intensive taking between 12 to 15 weeks. With the 3D printed tool components made from nylon, we can now make prototypes within a few days, which gives greater flexibility and much shorter development time. 

With 3D-printed tool components we are now able to test new tray designs faster. These fast prototypes give our customers the advantage of being able to test new container designs faster in their own production. Furthermore, it gives our development team greater flexibility. Bastian encourages other companies to go in the same direction: “Get started. Use 3D print to experiment – or else you will miss the opportunities”.

Watch the video to see Bastian explain more about the project with AM Hub: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rMtws83cVw0

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