“Aluminium Recycles Forever”

The future has to be circular. This means that it is necessary to develop food packaging designed to be recycled easily. We then need to remember to sort aluminium so it goes back into the circular loop and is recycled. Packaging manufacturers and consumers alike – we have a shared responsibility to make our lives more circular.

Aluminium is the most circular packaging material in the market. That is why we say that “aluminium is the champion in a circular economy”. Not only is it easy to recycle, but it is recycled at high rates even today. In fact, aluminium has the highest realized recycling rates of all packaging materials in Europe. European figures show that 69% of all aluminium is being recycled. Many countries are even above this number – Germany and Finland at 96%, Belgium at 95%, Norway at 92%, to mention a few.


Germany 96%
Finland 96%
Belgium 95%
Norway 92%
Sweden 88%
The Netherlands 84%
Poland 77%
Denmark 75%
EU 69%
France 62%

Source: European Aluminium 2016

The leading keyword when it comes to recycling aluminium is sorting. However, consumers are not always sure which materials can be sorted and how they are to be sorted. Therefore, as packaging manufacturers and specialists in the industry, we need to help them. We need to provide information that clearly states that aluminium is a recyclable material which should be sorted and guide them in how to sort correctly.

Aluminium recycles forever icon - alu recycles forever

We are committed to designing products that support  a circular economy. To inspire end users to join us and guide them to sort aluminium, we have developed a logo for our aluminium packaging. The logo states “Alu – Recycles forever” accompanied by two arrows which illustrate the circularity of the material. It will be placed at the bottom of all our new aluminium containers. With this simple initiative, we draw attention to the fact that the container can be recycled. Because when aluminium is sorted as metal at home or at the recycling station, it contributes to a circular economy.


Aluminium food packaging has the highest realized recycling rates in Europe. 69% of all aluminium food packaging is being recycled.

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