New on-the-go snack sizes in Bistro line of more sustainable food packaging

The Bistro family now includes two new, smaller sizes for an eight-member product family that lessens the environmental impact of plastic packaging by more than 40%.

With its high percentage of natural mineral content, the Bistro product line reduces CO2 emissions by more than 40% compared to standard PP – a benefit shared by the two new product sizes.

The two new snack pots can be used for hot and cold small sized meals, single servings and snacks. The Bistro family also includes larger sizes ideal for ready-to-heat meals as well as salads, sweets, and fresh meals.

Innovative features such as reverse handles for convenient handling and easy opening make Bistro a consumer favourite. In addition, a raised bottom ensures good drainage of any liquids. This means that moisture released by food when microwaving gathers in the corner of the tray rather than making food soggy.

Ideal for ready-to-heat meals for busy consumers, the Bistro anti-fog fitted lid must simply be loosened before microwaving.

  • Optimised sustainability profile with more than 40% savings in CO2 emissions compared to standard PP
  • More than half of the material is from natural minerals
  • Limits environmental taxes in selected countries
  • Two new sizes: 442 ml and 555 ml with the same dimensions 140×140 mm
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