Partnership with Universal Robots

At Plus Pack we emphasise innovation and collaboration in everything we do when we create food packaging solutions. In our production, we have many years of experience working with industrial robots. However, we would like to take robotic automation to the next level. We believe that collaborative robots have a great potential. This applies both to our colleagues working in production, where a robot will be able to handle heavy objects and processes that often require monotonous movements, but also for our competitiveness as a company.

A partnership with Universal Robots enables us to access new knowledge and test latest technology within robotic automation. Universal Robots’ new e-Series cobots are intuitive to programme, versatile to use and deliver almost endless opportunities for add-ons. Together with a dedicated group of employees, we have started a journey to innovate and discover new possibilities. The employees will be involved directly in the processes of discovery, test and implementation and we have already witnessed some great results and commitment.

The new e-Series from Universal Robots was launched in Munich, Germany, this week. Check out the video and see the new e-Series below.