Culinary School Week – Young professionals learn about world challenges

This year, 30 hospitality schools participate in the major event to cook meals over a period of 10 days. “‘La Semaine des Écoles Hôtelières 2019’marks a turning point for us”, says Vincent Brassart, President and Founder of La Tablée des Chefs in France. He continues: “For the first time since the beginning of the ‘La Tablée des Chefs’ adventure in France, there is an unprecedented participation […], we will be able to produce and distribute 14.000 meals to help people in need”.

With their annual event La Semaine des Écoles Hôtelières (“Culinary School Week”) in Paris, La Tablée des Chefs France (“The Table of Chefs”) seeks to focus on educating young students of hospitality schools about world hunger and food waste. The main mission of the organisation is to “feed” and to “educate”. They work for the food recovery of surpluses from hotels, catering and caterers to redistribute to food aid associations feeding those in need. This is done by offering educational programs to the gastronomy students, that way the future generation of chefs is informed on the impact of hunger and food waste while preparing meals for those in need.

 “Food waste is a major global challenge. Approximately 30% of all food is being wasted. At Plus Pack we feel obliged to fight food waste”, says Camilla Haustrup Hermansen, Director of Business Development and 4th generation leader at Plus Pack. “Together, we need to draw attention to this challenge by involving and educating people all over the world. That is why we support the initiatives of ‘La Tablée des Chefs’.”

La Tablée des Chefs was founded in Québec, Canada, in 2002. The annual event La Semaine des Écoles Hôtelières is held in France, where the association has been operating since 2013.

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