New Danish Design Guide launched to ensure that more plastic packaging is being recycled

The Design Guide has been launched to help companies make choices fit for future, so they can design plastic packaging to be recycled and reused. The vision is to make Denmark the global leader in the recycling and reuse of plastic packaging. The four central objectives of the guide are as follows:

1. Prevent food waste

2. Ensure high food safety

3. Minimize the global climate and resource foot print

4. Prevent plastic waste from ending up in nature

“It is crucial that packaging solutions are designed sustainably, so that they can be reused or recycled after use”, says Ksenija Garbacenka, Project Manager at Plus Pack, who participated in the development of the Design Guide. “At Plus Pack, we are working on promoting circular solutions every day. Therefore, we are very pleased to see that there is great support for the new Design Guide from key players in the market“.

We are proud of having supported the project via the Network for Circular Plastic Packaging along with key stakeholders in the Danish food and packaging industry as well as NGOs for example the Danish society for Nature Conservation who have the environment on their agenda. The new Design Guide is not only meant to be used by the plastic industry but also for Danish politicians, who can draw on the messages conveyed in the guide to support the current implementations and debates regarding plastic in Danish politics.

You can read the new Design Guide here

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