Plus Pack works with students on innovative warehouse project

Plus Pack is working with IT-Technology students from Lillebaelt Academy to uncover the possibilities of using indoor drones for stock count of the goods in Plus Pack’s warehouse.

Plus Pack has to make ongoing and yearly stock counts of the goods in the warehouse to ensure that the system stock is up to date with the physical stock. At the moment, this is a very time-consuming and costly procedure, since one or more people have to scan the entire inventory using a forklift.

We therefore asked ourselves whether this could be done more efficiently by the use of technology, and asked the students to uncover the possibilities of using indoor drones to fly to each shelf-location and scan the inventory via a QR-scanner on a drone and picture recognition, or something similar”, says Group IT Manager, John Kaldahl.

The project is currently in the innovation phase. “We are also exploring other solutions as well as drones, and will let Plus Pack choose the solution they prefer. We really enjoy working on this project, and want to finish it with the best results possible”, says student Bálint Belinszki.

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