Plus Pack involves end users in packaging design

Firsthand input from key target groups on the development of its latest product ensures Plus Pack’s solution truly meets users’ needs.

The idea for the new Zen Selection Platter came from Plus Pack’s observations of a trend across Europe that involved “social eating” where friends and families enjoy tapas or other savouries together. “Our market analysis showed that there was a demand for this type of packaging”, says Camilla Haustrup Hermansen, Director of Business Development and Marketing.

Low tech – high value
Plus Pack’s normal development process starts with conceptual drawings of an idea, then 3D prototypes or a small test production to show customers.

This time we sat down with scissors, cardboard and tape and quickly made some very simple models that we could both see and touch”, Camilla Haustrup Hermansen relates.

These prototype models were shared and tested internally first, then with distributors and finally end users.

Real-life learnings from real users
We wanted end users to have their say as well”, Camilla Haustrup Hermansen relates. “So we got a butcher and an Italian food specialities store to test the first prototypes and give us detailed feedback on both the design and functionality.”

Those learnings led to adjustments of the angles of the dividing walls between the compartments and of the tray bottom, for example.

We could adjust everything on an ongoing basis,” she says, “to get as many insights as possible. We also gave a whole company pre-packaged tapas platters to take home one Friday evening, so they could sit at home and eat directly from the platter, and then tell us how it worked in a social context.”

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