Plus Pack contributes to an inventive design manual that helps to ensure a circular economy

In 2017, Plus Pack joined a number of different actors from the entire packaging value chain in the innovative project ‘Forum for Circular Plastic Packaging’. The forum’s ambitious vision is for Denmark to become an international role model for plastic packaging in a circular economy.

A year later, the forum has launched a manual for how packaging of the future should be designed, a concrete example of how waste collection can be used for new packaging, as well as a recommendation for how to standardise waste sorting in Denmark. The forum’s hard work has resulted in concrete ideas for packaging that is not only effective in protecting its contents but also designed to be reused and recycled again and again. 

The design manual establishes a framework for how plastic manufacturers should develop plastic packaging in order to achieve the greatest quality and economy in recycling. “We are proud to have contributed to the development of a design manual that guides producers in the design of packaging for recirculation, as well as help the retail sector set requirements for the recyclability of plastic packaging”, says Camilla Haustrup Hermansen, Director of Business Development and Marketing. 

The ‘Forum for Circular Plastic Packaging’ hopes that industry and designers will adopt the results and draw benefits from the forum’s work. The results will be presented in a number of European countries for inspiration.

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