Plus Pack joins new “Forum for Circular Plastic Packaging”

The Danish plastics industry brings together all relevant actors in the packaging industry – from NGOs to producers – in a newly established ‘Forum for Circular Plastic Packaging’. The purpose is to  provide specific solutions for how to maintain a much larger part of the plastic packaging in the circular economy.

The widely acknowledged report “The New Plastics Economy” by The Ellen MacArthur Foundation published in 2016 concludes that, from a financial perspective, 50% of existing plastic packaging would be particularly attractive to recycle, if both the packaging design and the structural schemes for collection and recovery were better aligned with the purpose of circular economy. The potential is therefore attractive to every stakeholder in the plastics industry, from producer to end user.

The Danish “Forum for Circular Plastic Packaging” is made up of representatives from the entire value chain in packaging production such as packaging manufacturers, retailers, food producers, suppliers of materials, industrial designers, recyclers, etc.


Read more about The Ellen MacArthur Foundation here: