Our new warehouse – built on circular principles

For nearly a year, construction has been underway on our new warehouse building. It has been a long journey and we are so excited now to be able to move into the building. The focus has been on building a warehouse based on circular principles and with recyclable materials and solar energy.

Phase 1: Project Commences

On building the new structure, we wished to implement Plus Pack’s everyday principles towards circular economy and recyclability, into the entire process of construction and embellishment. This was even done in the dismantling of the old structures, as we collected the old tiles from the parking lot and used them in the foundation of the new building. Our everyday design principles of sustaining old materials to design easy-to-recycle packaging to support a circular economy was highly relevant in the construction.

Phase 2: Construction of Framework

In line with a circular economy the building was constructed as an assembly kit, meaning the various elements are easy to dismantle and move if needed. This way, we ensure a solid and circular building prepared for both reuse and recycling in the future.
The framework of the building is made of steel and the roof is covered with a special white coat called NOXOUT. NOXOUT coating helps reduce the amount of NOx particles being emitted from the atmosphere. It ensures cleaner air and aids the reduction of emissions. This was important to us as it guides us in reducing our climate impact in all possible ways.

Phase 3: Solar Panels

One of the final steps in the construction of the new building is preparation for the solar panel installation. As we stand now, they are ordered and soon ready for installation. Our aim is to cover the whole area of Plus Pack’s roof. The solar panels will be producing energy and they will cover approx. 30% of Plus Pack’s electricity consumption.

Phase 4: Landscaping

In addition to the installation of solar panels, we are working in collaboration with landscape architects to create a nice outdoor area surrounding the new building. A large part of the outdoor area will be allocated to natural biodiversity supporting the pre-existing smaller animal habitants in the area.

Our journey

This process was an exciting exploration on how a circular and recyclable building is constructed. We are glad to know that if the building is ever not in use, the compartments can be dismantled and reused. This follows the conscious decisions Plus Pack makes in our goal towards a circular economy.