Plus Pack contributes to “Partnership on Plastic in the Retail Sector”

In 2019 Director and Deputy CEO at Plus Pack, Camilla Haustrup Hermansen, was appointed by the government as Chair of the Climate Partnership on Waste, Water and Circular economy (Klimapartnerskab for affald, vand og cirkulære økonomi). Since then, Camilla alongside other Danish retailers in the ‘Partnership on Plastic in the Retail Sector’ have worked in collaboration in order to achieve the partnership goals. These goals aim for Denmark to be leading in circular economies in 2030 and paving the way for climate neutrality in 2050.

Within this climate sector collaboration, there have been strong commitments from companies in the retail sector to realize the potentials of recyclable plastics. The Danish retail sector collaboration created with leading retailers aims for collaboration in circular plastic packaging for both food and non-food. Some leading retailers that are aiming to make a difference include Coop, Salling Group, Lidl and JYSK etc.

The Danish Retail Sector launched a common design guide in March 2022 for companies to realize the potential for recycling and reuse of packaging. The design guide aims to inform and assist retailers in the direction of sustainability in order to achieve the goals of 2025, where 30% of plastic packaging is made from recycled plastics and all packaging is made reusable and recyclable. The climate sector hopes to drive competition, encourage growth and stimulate new jobs whilst still holding the climate compensation goals.

Ksenija Garbacenka, Group Sustainability Manager at Plus Pack, has participated in the development of the guide. Specifically, the guide leads companies in a sustainable direction when determining plastic packaging. It can be used as an informative and directional pamphlet, from the necessity of packaging, design principles to specific transport orientated packaging. The design guide provides clarity and direction when heading towards a circular economy. Click here to read the design guide.

The collaboration is built on strong partnerships and interests of retailers in the designing of reusable plastics that are easy-to-recycle. Camilla has been on the forefront of the movement by meeting with the Danish Minister for the Environment, Lea Wermelin, to discuss the important next steps, barriers and opportunities, to scale up the national collection and recycling of plastic packaging. The collaboration hopes for initiative from other retailers to continue to work towards a circular economy.