Great interest in the plastic courses for science and chemistry teachers

The courses are targeted science and chemistry teachers in primary school. The concept offers the opportunity to discuss what the plastics debate is about, while the Danish plastics companies can demonstrate the many useful attributes of plastic material in practice.

Furthermore, it gives opportunity to put topics such as the recycling into focus.  Generally, there is also great interest in clarification of terms like bioplastic, biodegradable plastic and microplastic.

Jo Dietrich, educational consultant in the Danish Plastics Federation and coordinator of the courses, explains:

It is my impression that today students have many questions about plastic and recycling to which they want to receive clear answers. Although simple answers are rare, it is good to be able to help teachers expand their background knowledge by means of concrete examples from Danish plastic companies for instance”.

Kurt Rahr, instructor in materials at the plastic processing technician studies at AMU SYD (adult vocational training) in Ribe, was one of the participants. He was pleased with getting an update to his knowledge about chemistry at the course:

“As an instructor on the plastic processing technician studies it is necessary to get updated knowledge on chemistry in plastic every now and then. Therefore, I am happy that I have signed up. At the same time, we also have the pleasure of visiting companies in the plastic industry who work with recycling”.

Course participants met a plastic processing apprentice

At Plus Pack in Odense, the participants met one of the company’s plastic processing apprentices who recently started attending the plastic processing technician studies at AMU SYD, after having been employed by Plus Pack for some time.

The teachers were very fond of getting the chance to put a face to a plastic processing apprentice, and they also had several questions about the plastic processing technician studies and vocational educations in general.

Ksenija Garbacenka from Plus Pack says:

“We are pleased that our plastic processing apprentice joins the course so that the teachers can obtain knowledge about the education – they are the direct link to the students. Furthermore, we appreciate that we can tell how we work with recycling and the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN, which support our vision. We want to show an aspect of the industry which is different compared to the one which most people know today”.

Jo Dietrich, educational consultant in the Danish Plastics Federation, adds:

“Some of the teachers at our plastic courses also work with educational mentoring. Therefore, this is a perfect opportunity to call attention to the plastic processing technician studies”.

In autumn, the Danish Plastics Federation will be offering two other plastics courses for science and chemistry teachers. Time and place will be announced on

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