New initiative to ensure recycling of plastic waste generated in the retail sector

On August 25th, Lea Wermelin, the Danish Minister for the Environment, launched a new cooperation with companies related to the retail sector. The cooperation seeks to ensure that much larger amounts of the plastic waste generated by supermarkets and building supply stores get reused or recycled.

Today, excessive amounts of plastic waste from the retail sector end up in incineration plants, which is a big disadvantage for our planet. This needs to change. However, the goal should not be to ban plastic packaging from stores and supermarkets, since plastic packaging has great advantages to offer. Plastics ensure food protection, resulting in less food waste. We just need to start handling plastics in a smarter and more viable way – either by reusing it, or recycling it into new materials for new products, which is the purpose of the cooperation.

To realize this, the following three targets will serve as a guideline for the new cooperation:

  • Creating common, circular design criteria for food as well as non-food packaging products, thereby making reuse and/or recycling more efficient
  • Making all plastic packaging reusable and/or recyclable in an economically viable way, and ensuring that packaging made from plastics consist of at least 30% recycled content by 2025
  • Reducing plastics consumption by contributing to tests and the dissemination of reusing solutions as well as reducing 50% of certain single-use plastic products for takeaway in the retail sector by 2026


To realize these targets, a steering group has been formed across the retail sector in Denmark. Numerous, renowned companies that operate in Denmark participate in the steering group, such as Coop, Salling Group, Rema1000, and Dagrofa. Plus Pack has joined the group as a leading manufacturer of sustainable food packaging solutions.

The cooperation was initiated with an event on August 25th 2021 in a retail store in Copenhagen, with the participation of Minister Lea Wermelin, chair of the steering group Per Thau, and representatives from the companies in the steering group.

At Plus Pack, we are proud to join and actively support initiatives like these, as it is a great opportunity for our company to contribute to society with our expertise within sustainability and to help create a circular economy.

The cooperation supports the Danish implementation of the European Plastics Pact. Read more about the Pact here.