Plus Pack leads sprint group to help the European Plastics Pact reach its targets

The European Plastics Pact was established in 2020 to encourage cross-border and cross value chain cooperation and innovation to accelerate a circular plastics economy in Europe. It brings together companies and organizations from different countries and industries, who can help the Plastics Pact achieve their goal. Plus Pack is among 147 companies and 21 countries that have signed the pact, which is based on the following four targets:

  • Target 1: Reusability and recyclability
  • Target 2: Responsible use of plastics
  • Target 3: Collection, sorting and recycling
  • Target 4: Use of recycled plastics

Three sprint groups have been established to realize the four targets. One of the sprint groups is led by Ksenija Garbacenka, Group Sustainability Manager at Plus Pack. The sprint group works with four key activities from Target 1, which aims to ensure that all plastic packaging and single-use plastic products are designed to be reusable where possible and recyclable by 2025. The sprint group’s task is to define the criteria used to prioritize problematic and unnecessary items such as single-use plastics, eliminate them in two phases and provide consumers with guidance on alternative products. By the end of 2021, the sprint group will design and publish communication campaigns that can encourage EU citizens to refuse the use of problematic items which pollute the environment.

To realize the tasks, the sprint group led by Ksenija works in close cooperation with members from various international companies and organizations. One such organization is the Danish Plastics Federation. Christina Busk, Environmental Manager at the Danish Plastics Federation, contributes to the initiative with her vast knowledge within the field of plastics as yet another Danish participant in the sprint group.

Initiatives like these are vital to creating a more sustainable future. At Plus Pack, we already have many operations that go under target 1 – designing products that are easy to recycle and reuse, and target 4 – increasing the use of recycled plastics in new products and packaging by 2025. With our participation in both the working groups and the sprint group, we get the opportunity to support yet another initiative to fulfil our vision on delivering 100% recyclable products with zero CO2 emissions.

Read more about the European Plastics Pact’s targets here.