Poul Haustrup's 100th birthday

Poul Haustrup is the founder of what is today known as Plus Pack. In the early 1960s, he had carefully observed how the market for aluminium containers exploded in America, and he had great expectations of a similar growth in Europe. In a corner of his father’s large tin can production company, which originates back to 1914, Poul Haustrup founded Haustrup-Ekco as a joint venture between American Ekco and Danish Haustrups Fabriker.

Despite a few hiccups in the beginning, he remained optimistic and kept his faith in aluminium foil’s future. Over the years, Poul Haustrup established sales operations in Sweden, Norway and Switzerland, and grew the business with a dedicated focus on quality, product development, sales and marketing.

Today, led by 4th generation owners, Camilla Haustrup Hermansen and Anders Top Haustrup, Plus Pack continues to build upon his vision to develop convenient packaging solutions that make food stand out, and today we celebrate what would have been his 100th birthday.

Every year since Poul Haustrup’s death in 1998, and in honour of his birthday, Plus Pack offers a travelling scholarship among all Danish employees.

Happy Birthday, Poul!