Revolutionizing customization of sustainable packaging solutions

In June we went live with our new digital product configurator that enables customization of sustainable packaging solutions faster and more accurate – improving the time to market and ability to make your food stand out.

Differentiation and innovation are critical for success in the market place for food. There is a need for increased flexibility and speed when looking for new packaging solutions. Therefore we have invested in and launched a digital product configurator that enables our sales team to easily capture specific customer requirements and convert them into optimal solutions and personalized offers including all supporting documentation needed.

Plus Pack’s vision is to be “The preferred partner of customized and sustainable packaging solutions, delivering 100% recyclable products with zero CO2 emissions”. With the new product configurator, we are well equipped to fulfill this vision.


Customize your solution

You can make modifications to existing solutions, such as adjusting dimensions, colours or packing methods. Or you can develop a 100% customized solution, from material and form to color and embossing. 

Contact us now if you want to try to configure a solution that fits your needs.

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“Launching our product configurator is an important milestone for us. It will allow us to better serve our customers by shortening the time to market and continue our strategy of helping our customers stand out with sustainable packaging solutions”


Anders Top Haustrup, CEO at Plus Pack.

Smarter and faster offers and quotations

A product configurator or Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) software is a term used to describe software systems that help sellers quote complex and configurable products.

With the product configurator we cannot only deliver a superior buying experience, but we can also work smarter and faster by eliminating order errors and offering a much faster quotation process. This means you get a faster time-to-market approach and higher probability of finding the ideal solution for your product.

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