Launch of new Design Dogmas to guide the market towards higher recycling rates on food packaging

In January 2018 the EU published a strategy for plastics in a circular economy and set very specific targets for future recycling rates on packaging materials. Furthermore it was stated that by 2030 plastic packaging must be designed so that it can be recycled.

According to Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark, in 2015 only 15% of plastic from Danish households was recycled compared to 64% from businesses and industries. A wide range of countries work toward improving these figures through the implementation of recycling programs.

Plus Pack has been part of several relevant multi-disciplinary projects that have focused on providing concrete solutions within packaging design, which can help increase the recycling of plastic materials. The purpose of these projects has been to demonstrate methods for designing regenerative plastic packaging, which can increase recycling as well as the quality of material to be recycled.

We want to guide the market towards higher recycling rates on packaging materials and actively support a circular economy. It requires that we rethink many of the existing plastic packaging solutions out in the market today and implement what we call Design for Recyclability”, says Director of Business Development & Marketing, Camilla Haustrup Hermansen.

Read more about the new Design Dogmas for Plastics here (only in Danish): 

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