Involving employees resulted in success with new UR10 robot arm

Plus Pack has more than 1.000 different types of aluminium- and plastic food packaging, which places high demands and makes the company constantly look for innovative solutions and optimisation in the production. One of the initiatives is a collaboration with Universal Robots, who has brought the UR10 robot arm to Plus Pack’s production site. The new robot arm will assist employees in their daily tasks.

Steen Slabiak Jensen, Area Manager at distributor BILA Robotics, explains how Plus Pack’s employees have participated actively and openly since the beginning: “They participated with very good ideas and serious input to tasks and cases, where their new tool – the UR10 robot arm from Universal Robots – might be useful”. He continues: “Including employees in this process is of vital importance. They know the daily operations and they are the ones who are going to work with the robot arm in their daily tasks”.

Bastian Fietje, Manager of Group Projects at Plus Pack, explains that the UR10 robot arm has reduced the amount of manual lifting by 145 kg per hour, thereby saving the packaging operators up to 350 repetitions per hour. He adds: “We have received a ‘Green Smiley’ for our healthy working environment from the Danish Working Environment Authority before, but we are always looking for innovative solutions which can facilitate our employees’ work. We have indeed achieved that with the UR10 robot”.


Lifting efficiency to the next level, the robot arm has allowed the packaging operators to focus on more specialised tasks like quality control. As a company, Plus Pack believes in the potential the UR10 robot arm can offer and will continue testing where it can be useful in the production facilities – in close cooperation with employees.

Watch this short video to see how the UR robot is integrated in our production: