Collaborative robot from Robotize completes its first year at Plus Pack successfully

Last year, the GoPal robot from Robotize, an innovative Danish robotics company, was brought to Plus Pack’s production. The collaborative robot was introduced to help solving logistical tasks in the production.

Simon Laigaard, Project Manager at Plus Pack, explains how the GoPal robot’s first year went in the production site: “The GoPal robot has helped us in the sense that our employees do not need to spend as much time on transportation as earlier. It has allowed us to move the employees who transport finished plastic products to other tasks”. Previously, the employees spent great amounts of time on transporting pallets from one place to another. By introducing the company to the robot, the employees have been given the opportunity to focus on other tasks during their work day. The GoPal robot can drive a total of 12 kilometres during a day, which means 12 kilometres saved for the employees.

The GoPal robot offers other advantages as well, such as minimising the risk of accidents. With a 360° view, it has full overview of its surroundings. Additionally, the robot gathers data such as the amount of orders it has delivered to the wrapping station, the distance it has covered and its total driving time. Lastly, it requires less space compared to other forklift AGV’s.


After the testing phase of the first robot went successful and the employees provided positive feedback on its assistance, Plus Pack brought yet another GoPal robot to the production. “We certainly plan to get more of these robots”, Simon Laigaard concludes.

Watch Simon Laigaard talk about the GoPal robot:


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