The new normal

The coronavirus (COVID-19) has changed consumer behavior worldwide, especially in the food industry where online shopping, takeaway and home delivery has become the new normal.

As a consequence, consumers want to minimize direct physical human contact as much as possible while the need for hygienic and safe packaging solutions is growing in order to avoid spreading of the virus.


SafeSnack feature with a wooden fork

Safesnack solutions are optimal in the new situation with increased need for hygienic and safe packaging solutions. The SafeSnack feature means that a fork is included in the bottom of the tray.

We now offer our SafeSnack solutions with a wooden fork. A wooden fork made from renewable materials is a sustainable alternative to a plastic fork.

About the wooden fork:

  • Birch wood
  • Made from renewable materials
  • FSC certification
  • No plastic and therefore not part of the coming EU single-use plastics ban


SafeSnack trays

  • Different sizes available
  • Fully automatic robotized assembly line
  • Choose between different kinds of wood forks
  • Peel-off label to cover compartment in bottom of tray
  • Heat-sealing is possible for longer shelf life

Material Facts

  • Easy-to-recycle PET supporting a circular economy
  • The material meets all design guide requirements
    • It is 100% recyclable
    • It is clear                                                                 
  • Choose between trays in either rPET (85% recycled content) or crystal-clear DPET

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