Plus Pack wins two 2017 ScanStar Awards

Plus Pack has received two awards for this year’s best food packaging in the Nordic region. The 2017 ScanStar Awards is considered the industry’s most important competition.

Plus pack is being recognised for two new solutions, both launched in 2017. One is a new technology developed in Odense for embossing the sides of the popular Ready2Cook® aluminium containers. The other is a new and user-friendly packaging design in special environmentally friendly plastic which can be used for tapas, snacks and other light meals. This design was also developed in Odense, in close collaboration with consumers and customers.

We are very proud to have won two ScanStar Awards. Every day, we work on developing packaging solutions that are both user-friendly and eco-friendly, so we are particularly pleased to be recognised for this”, says CEO Anders Top Haustrup.


ScanStar is a joint Nordic packaging competition held annually since 1969. It is organised by the SPA (Scandinavian Packaging Association), the confederation for the Scandinavian packaging industry.