Convenient and sustainable snack-size solution wins ScanStar 2019 Award

We are proud to announce that we have won a ScanStar 2019 Award. The jury emphasizes the sustainability and convenience of the solution for ready-to-cook or ready-to-heat snack meals sold in retail. The ScanStar Award is considered one of the most important competitions in the packaging industry.

A sustainable solution

The jury of ScanStar 2019 has given Plus Pack an award for the premium Ready2Cook® Snack Size container. The easy-to-recycle container consists of 40-45% recycled content. In addition, it is 100% recyclable and is therefore actively contributing to a circular economy. Furthermore, when heat-sealed, the container prolongs the shelf life of the meals, thereby minimising food waste.

Another advantage of the solution is its light weight which leads to significant cost savings. The Ready2Cook® Snack Size container weighs 35% less than comparable plastic food packaging. In addition, the low stacking height of aluminium containers makes it possible to pack 275% units more in one carton*, which means a significant reduction of CO2 emissions during transport.

*Stacking height of this aluminium container is 2mm whereas stacking height of a standard PET tray in the same dimensions is 7,7mm.

More convenience for the consumer

The Ready2Cook® Snack Size container is ideal for busy consumers looking for ready meals that come in convenient packaging. The size adds to the convenience, as it is perfect for snacks and smaller meals. Furthermore, aluminium can go directly from the cold counter and into the oven or microwave oven, and it is the only material which can go onto the grill as well.

In conclusion, the Ready2Cook® Snack Size container meets the growing demands for sustainable and recyclable packaging, while bringing cost savings in transport and packing. At the same time, it offers busy consumers the convenience of snack-size packaging which can contain both ready-to-cook and ready-to-heat meals.

About ScanStar

ScanStar is a joint Nordic packaging competition held annually since 1969. It is organised by the SPA (Scandinavian Packaging Association).

The winners of the ScanStar 2019 will receive their awards on the Packaging Days on the 14th of November in Sandefjord, Norway.

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