New Zen Selection Platter widens sustainable food packaging options

With more than 40% fewer CO2 emissions compared to standard PP, the new Zen Selection Platter supports more environmentally-friendly packaging. It also supports social eating.

Inspired by the concept of Spanish tapas and social eating, the Zen™ Selection Platter was developed to make food truly stand out.

Designed for tapas, ready-to-serve meals or snacks that can be put on the table right away, the attractive tray features both 7 and 11 compartments. Its flexibility and symmetric shape make it ideal for sharing food while sitting beside each other or around the table and experiencing different tastes.

Small compartments, big impact
The Zen Selection Platter comes in a rustic, natural look and is available with fitted dome lids in two different sizes. It is also sealable.

It is perfect for:

  • Tapas or antipasti
  • Cheese or nut selections
  • Ingredients for tacos, etc.
  • Chocolates or cookies

Other sizes and shapes of trays in the same material are available as well – all designed to make your food stand out.

Optimised sustainability profile
The Zen Selection Platter is produced from PP Chalk, which has more than half natural mineral content. Its optimised sustainability profile saves more than 40% in CO2 emissions compared to standard PP.

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