Are you struggling to find the right packaging materials?

Choosing the right packaging materials can be a challenging task. There are many decisions to be made that can be overwhelming. At Plus Pack our key focus is circular packaging solutions. We have extensive knowledge on circular and recyclable packaging solutions and we would like to help you.

Confusion is common in this area, and that is why we focus on facts. The fact is we must transition from a linear economy towards a circular economy. In order to share our wide knowledge on circularity and packaging materials, we have developed a Packaging School concept. It is vital that we are all on the same page and that is what our Packaging School provides.

The rising demand for circular packaging stems from several factors. At Plus Pack we work strategically with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal No.12 to develop sustainable solutions. Plus Pack is also very familiar with EU regulations, as well as country relevant legislation to ensure that your packaging is fit for future.

How does the Packaging School work?

If you wish to attend a Packaging School session, we recommend you visit Plus Pack’s headquarters in Odense, Denmark for a day.

Throughout the day, there will be plenty of time for questions and discussions that are specific to your concerns as a customer.

Employees from Plus Pack that will be involved during the day usually include Group Sustainability Manager Ksenjia Garbacenka and Marketing Manager Maria M. Schmidt. Other employees might be involved depending on your individual interests and areas.

What will you experience?

A typical Packaging School day includes:

The why – why are we talking circular economy: A presentation of the global challenges we are facing and how a circular economy and recyclable packaging solutions can contribute to solving these issues.

Legislation: EU legislation and national laws that are relevant for your business are presented and explained.

Touch & feel: You will have the opportunity to visit our Learning Lab and look at our materials. Have a look at all relevant materials within plastics and aluminum. Also, we will show you other materials and discussion pros and cons.

Tour de factory: A factory tour where you can see how we produce our packaging in plastics and aluminium.

Are you interested in learning more?

Don’t hesitate to contact us, so we can arrange a Packaging School session for your company targeted your specific needs.

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