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We know that food packaging is an important enabler for a circular future — while playing a significant role in protecting food and reducing food waste.

We see how our industry is facing a radical change. Shifting from a throw-away system to more responsible production and consumption. And we see it as our obligation to use our vast experience and knowledge within food packaging to lead this transition. With new circular business models and more circular products.

By providing food packaging solutions in both aluminum and mono-material plastic, we not only offer a comprehensive product range and modular flexibility — we enable our customers to always choose materials that are fit for purpose, can be reused where possible, and recycled after use. For good.



We want to lead the industry transition towards circular food packaging produced at net zero for real — reducing linear losses and ensuring more circular wins.

By challenging the status quo and demonstrating best practice, we work towards creating a constant push for progress. To improve the recycling of food packaging after use, to increase the use of recycled material, and to reduce waste. All while lowering our own impact to reach net zero.

We acknowledge that there are no easy solutions when it comes to changing our industry. But going circular is not only the smart way forward. It’s the only way forward. So, finding new and more responsible ways to go is a challenge we are ready to take on. For good.



We act fast in day-to-day collaboration to create long-term results — because enabling a more responsible consumption for tomorrow takes concrete action today.

We know that dedication in daily operations is key to growing strong and lasting partnerships. That’s why we offer flexible handling of our customers’ every need — from standard Plus Pack products to fully customized packaging solutions.

By staying up to date on the latest market trends and new consumer demands, we form strong partnerships, share findings, inspire, and engage with our customers, offering new circular products that are easy to recycle. For good.

100+ years of experience

Our century-long history is a testament to our unique industry experience. Since 1914, our Danish family-owned business has pioneered innovative food packaging solutions and continuously been at the forefront of the industry’s ever-changing demands.

Dedicated long-term partnerships

We passionately believe in the power of committed and long-term partnerships. So, whether you are looking for a specific packaging solution, technical expertise or trend advice, your needs will be met with attention and dedication that is second to none.

The drive to make a difference

We are 100% committed to working for a better world by leading the way when it comes to responsible production and consumption. The will to truly make a difference is deeply rooted in our DNA and it constantly drives us forward. For the benefit of generations to come.

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