Pioneering packaging for generations

Since 1914, our family-owned business has been providing the food industry with innovative and sustainable packaging solutions.

Our century-long history has made us who we are. It has given us our unique experience in the food industry and has shaped our strong focus on sustainability. And it motivates us to continually pioneer innovative solutions that meet – and push – our customers’ ever-changing demands.

Today, Plus Pack is fourth-generation owned and operated by CEO, Anders Top Haustrup and Director of Business Development Camilla Haustrup Hermansen.  

2018 – Sustainability in focus

Plus Pack begins the year by winning a WorldStar 2018 award for the Zen™ Selection Platter, produced in special, environmentally friendly plastic. Plus Pack started to work more intensely with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to unite sustainability and new business opportunities. Also, Plus Pack contributed to an innovative design manual to help ensure a circular economy.

2016 – 4th Generation

Anders Top Haustrup and Camilla Haustrup Hermansen (brother and sister) took over the responsibility for leading the company as the 4th Haustrup generation – Anders as CEO and Camilla as Director of Business Development. Steen Haustrup continued as an active member of the Board of Directors.

2014 – Towards more environmentally friendly solutions

More international eating habits and a growing concern for sustainability require an even greater focus on innovation and partnership. Plus Pack helped customers add sustainability with trays made of CO2-friendly PP Chalk material.

Plus Pack’s efforts for more environmentally sound solutions were highlighted by the Nordic Council of Ministers in 2015, naming it a Successful Nordic Business Model.

2013 – New and innovative on the go packaging

Consumers are increasingly eating or snacking on-the-go, and it has become well-accepted to eat on the go. SafeSnack was introduced in 2013 to capture the growing market for on-the-go solutions. The SafeSnack concept has a spork placed in the bottom of the tray, making it easier and more hygienic to the consumer to eat on the go.

2009 – Family ownership

Since 2009, the Haustrup family has held 100% of the shares in Plus Pack Group.

2007 – Launch of the popular aluminium range Ready2Cook®

As busy consumers has started to focus more on food and healthy living – but less on cooking – Plus Pack answered the demand for convenience by launching the high-quality Ready2Cook® aluminium containers. Aluminium as food packaging provides many advantages for the consumer. It can go from the freezer or fridge into the oven, microwave oven or on the grill. Also, aluminium is proven to be an environmentally friendly choice, being a mono-material that is recyclable without loss of quality.

2000 – New facilities with production of thermoformed plastic

New headquarters in Odense S were built to accommodate the growth of the company. 20.000 m2 new facilities offered an opportunity for new investments. To meet demands for fresh ready meals, the product base was further developed to include thermoformed plastic trays. After the first plastic line (ShowCase) in 1989, Plus Pack was now able to produce products in thermoformed plastic as well as aluminium, giving it a unique position in the market.

1993 – Plus Pack Group

American Ekco opted out of the joint venture. Plus Pack took over the Ekco production site in Genk, Belgium, and became the Plus Pack Group.

1985 – 3rd Generation

Steen Haustrup, 3rd generation Haustrup, started his journey of leading Haustrup-Ekco through fundamental changes with the purpose of providing customers with the optimal packaging solutions.Growth in takeaway food segments and new ready meals allowed for extensive and innovative product development. The variety of container sizes and shapes for all kinds of food segments grew tremendously in the 1980s.

1973 - Over-the-counter

Consumer spending was hit by the oil crisis in 1973, and suddenly every housewife had to learn how to cook larger meals for the family and save resources by using the deep freezer. Versatile aluminium packaging was one key way to minimise food waste and maximise home budgets. This led to a boom in over-the-counter delicatessen products, frozen foods and food service, which increased our focus on selected segments, for example fresh, ready-to-serve fish.

1963 – Introduction of aluminium packaging solutions

With the creation of Haustrup-Ekco as a joint venture between Haustrups Fabriker and American Ekco, Haustrup-Ekco introduced lightweight aluminium packaging solutions into the Scandinavian market – primarily for bakeries and butchers.

A consumer revolution in retail resulted in food packaging as an important marketing lever. Aluminium containers developed as a major packaging player, thanks to the growth of self-service shelves and larger supermarkets.

1963 – 2nd Generation

N.J.Haustrup’s son Poul Haustrup (Foto), the 2nd generation Haustrup, took over the company and headed it until 1985. Plus Pack continued to build upon the vision of developing convenient packaging solutions that make food stand out.

1914 – Foundation

N.J. Haustrup laid the foundation for the company with the start-up of Haustrups Fabriker in Denmark. He was born in 1892 and during his childhood he had always been attracted to machinery. 16 years old, in 1908, he started an apprenticeship in blacksmithing. He had talent working with machinery, and soon he was employed as foreman. This job led him to the foundation of Haustrups Fabriker that soon became Scandinavia’s largest tin can production company, with 2.000 employees.