GourmetExpress food packaging

GourmetExpress™ is a range of clear and black trays that fit many needs. Coming in various designs and different materials, they serve as the perfect solution for ready-to-eat dishes. The clear recycled PET (rPET) and DPET trays are 100% recyclable. The range comes in square and rectangular shapes which use material optimally in production, resulting in less waste. Furthermore, rectangular and square trays fit all corners in cartons, which means no transportation of air and thereby lower transport costs and less CO2 emissions. The trays are modular, which means that you can combine several trays with inserts. This range also offers trays with 3 or 6 compartments for dishes such as tapas, nuts or cheese selections. Finally, the SafeSnack-feature can be added. It provides the consumers maximum convenience on-the-go with a spork placed hygienically in the bottom of the tray. GourmetExpress™ is the ideal food packaging for tapas, antipasti and salads.

Fit for future

  • Clear versions are easy to sort and recycle
  • rPET versions – contains min. 85% recycled content
  • DPET versions – reduced CO2 emissions during production
  • Square and rectangular designs optimize material usage

Fit for purpose

  • Square and rectangular designs optimize space in the cold counter
  • Trays with 3 or 6 compartments available
  • Modular trays with different inserts to be combined
  • Convenient with spork – SafeSnack-feature for hygienic on-the-go consumption
  • Temperatures:
    • rPET and DPET: Tolerates a temperature range from -40°C to 70°C
    • HIPS Tolerates a temperature range from 0°C to 70°C

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