Ready2Cook® packaging design

The Ready2Cook® is a premium aluminium range designed with handles that make it easy for end users to handle the container. The flexible range can be used within temperature ranges -40oC – 350oC and it therefore goes directly from freezer or fridge to oven, microwave oven or grill.

The aluminium provides several benefits. First of all, it keeps food fresh in the shop due to barrier properties, and secondly, the aluminium provides good thermal conductivity that ensures equal heat distribution. The Ready2Cook® range comes in many shapes, sizes and colours that fit all your needs, and is ideal for fish meals, meat dishes and vegetable mixes, whether grilled, baked, microwavable, fresh or frozen.

  • Attractive, table-ready appearance
  • Designed with handles for maximum convenience
  • Rectangular, oval, poultry and speciality ranges
  • For heat-sealing or matching plastic snap-on lids
  • Optimal barrier properties, good thermal conductivity, cold and heat resistance
  • Ideal for fish meals, meat dishes and vegetable mixes, whether grilled, baked, microwavable, fresh or frozen