ShowBowl food packaging

The crystal clear material of the ShowBowl™ trays keep your food in focus. The trays are available in both transparent and dual-coloured versions. The optional SafeSnack™ feature with a spork inclusion, fits consumers’ fast-paced lifestyles and allows for on-the-go consumption. The trays are easy to store and transport as the dome lids are designed to ensure safe, strong, high-impact stacking. The trays are ideal for salads, desserts and fruit, and can be used within temperature ranges -40oC to 70oC.

  • Crystal-clear material puts your food in focus
  • Dome lids designed for safe, strong, high-impact stacking
  • Optional spork inclusion for on-the-go consumption
  • Designed for banderole to further enhance impact or for pricing, nutrition and barcode
  • Transparent and dual-coloured versions
  • Ideal for salads, desserts and fruit